“Our internal structure isn’t well organized, and projects don’t seem to move along”,
“We’re looking for someone who can help us reform our workstyle while keeping up with daily work”,
“We’re lacking human resources, but is it possible to ask for the support of just 1 person?”,
“I worry about freelancers…”,
Including those above, I believe there are several worries we can have when carrying out a project.
Issues and worries vary in size depending on the project’s content and the environment.
Sevenzen Corporation has set up a consultation desk to answer all your inquiries.

Not only related to requesting our services,
but you can also consult with us even if it is not directly related to a specific project.
If you feel that you need to find “a clue” on how to solve certain problems while proceeding
with business reforms or project activities, please feel free to contact us.


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